Saturday, January 17, 2009


In researching the Racycle bicycles of the Miami Cycle Company, the information I have available to me is limited to advertisements, brochures, catalogues, one Racycle, an extra crank hanger, and a few photos of extant machines. It makes for a fair stack of stuff, but it is not entirely comprehensive. Thus, there are sure to be factual errors on this web log. I will try to minimize these errors, but they are bound to exist, however unintentional. I offer my apology now.
Where the printed sources have conclusive statements, I will usually take the company at their word and accept the statements as facts. Examples of such statements include when production started, how many Racycles they produced in a given year, when certain improvements were introduced, what materials were used, what accessories were provided with which models, etc.
Where I state conclusions that are based on my own research, I will qualify these as less than certain. An example is my conclusion that the model numbers correspond not only to the hierarchy within the product line but also to the specific year of manufacture. Since a conclusion like this is based on my review of my available sources, be aware that it might one day be overturned by new information or ideas.
Fair enough?

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